From Russia With Love! World Lacrosse League Announces Fourth Franchise in St. Pete

It's Russia! The World Lacrosse League has announced its fourth franchise to be located in the historic city of Saint Petersburg, Russia. "With all of the history that has occurred in St. Petersburg it is truly an honor to grant this wonderful city our fourth franchise" said Cole Thompson, Commissioner of the World Lacrosse League. 

The team will be called the Saint Petersburg Shady Bags and their logo will feature a Soviet-era soldier proudly holding up his wand.


"The Rolling Stones once wrote: 'I stuck around St. Petersburg, when I saw it was a time for a change'. Its one of the greatest lyrics in rock history and now a WLL team!  It's an amazing story for a glorious city" added Thompson. 

And now it's up to the fans to once again choose a mascot.  The Shady Bags have announced seven finalists for their mascot.  It's now up to the fans to vote.  

1) Alina:

2) Varvara:

3) Veronika

4) Vladimir:

5) Dimitry:

6) Anna:

7) Plastic Komrad:

Please vote. 

Go Shadies!