No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn! World Lacrosse League Announces Its Fifth Franchise.

The World Lacrosse League is Brooklyn-bound! The fifth franchise awarded by the upstart league has been granted to the city of Brooklyn.  Known for artisanal cheese, fedora hats and one big-ass bridge, Brooklyn will be the perfect location for the new league. 

The logo will feature a native Brooklynite holding a hand carved lacrosse stick made of reclaimed barn-board from Westchester County.

"We are pleased beyond words about our expansion into Brooklyn" said Cole Thompson, World Lacrosse League Commissioner. "This is a city filled with whiners, er, I mean WINNERS and the Hipsters will be a big part of the fabric of Brooklyn for years to come" he added.

The team executives have asked fans to help choose a mascot. They're looking for the most annoying Hipster possible to don the fedora and bow-tie.

Here are the finalists:

1) Atticus:

2) Levi:

3) Tennyson:

4) Rogue:

5) Asher:

6) Flannery:

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Go Hipsters!